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Our Company

We have been dealing with Art since 1929, specializing in the frame, the painting and the framed mirror.

We import the frame from various European countries, adapting it to the needs of our audience.
In the painting we have authentic works of various painters (primarily Greek artists).
In the mirror we offer both rectangular and oval shape, in various dimensions, both in classic designs and in modern.

Our goal

The choice of the project is intended to continue to “give” us as long as it is posted, and not just to see it once and then forget it.
With this in mind, we make sure that the frames we propose match the project (highlighting it) and if possible with the space. Otherwise the project will look out of place.

Our vision

We want the works we have to be alive, so that the future owner feels that he lives them in his space.
Our framed mirrors can be adjusted to the dimension you want, to fit your space, with the exception of the ovals, which come in certain dimensions.

It is worth framing it (it is not something awesome ...)

It is important to me; Do I want it to remind me of something? A milestone in my life? In all these cases, the answer is yes!

A painting, a photograph, a saying, a flower, a poster, an image that I do not want to forget. Anything that gives us a feeling of beauty or a memory (either good or that we just do not want to leave) is worth posting!

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